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Marquardt Küchenplaner 3D App

Within no time, the newly introduced 3D kitchen configuration app delivered Marquardt Küchen a significant increase in the conversion of up to 40% and a large number of appointments with potential new customers.

Dream kitchens as Virtual Reality adventure

After our successful Marquardt Küchen Website relaunch, Germany's No. 1 for granite kitchens asked umwerk to develop a sales-supporting app to further communicate the product benefits and variants and to assist in the offer creation process. The plan was, to create an easy to operate 3D configurator which invites potential customers to construct their ideal kitchen in a fun way. Moreover, Marquardt meant to create a very special customer experience and thus gain a unique selling point by introducing free Virtual Reality glasses.

Based on the requirements concerning design and backend, we applied eZ Publish as CMS system and the 3D development environment Unity. Due to the user-friendly interface, customers are able to develop their detailed kitchen plan in an interactive and entertaining manner. Based on these data, which is gathered in the Marquardt CMS system, the kitchen specialist creates an individual offer and sends it, together with a pair of free VR glasses, to the prospect.  

Customer Experience which pays off

With its consequent interactive 3D visualisation, the Marquardt Küchenplaner 3D App proves to be an extremely effective sales tool. This pays off not only in a huge conversion rate increase (30-40%), but also in a great number of additional customer meetings and a decrease in related sales costs. In addition, the app simplifies the communication of numerous product variants when it comes to planning a kitchen and it provides an exceptional user experience.

Marquardt Küchenplaner 3D App runs on all common systems (Smartphone, Tablet, Mac, PC from Windows 8). It's compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as with Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy series and now it's also available as Windows Desktop version. 

Our Project Deliverables:

  • Planning & Concept
  • Design
  • Development of Mobile Clients for iOS, Android and Windows 10
  • Backend development


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